Fave Top 100 Pix New  

Top Funny Videos:

Japanese Baby 

How Italians Tell Time
Swedish Humor
Motorcycle Skit 
Woman Parking
Trojan Horse – Today?

Top Amazing Videos:
Amazing Juggling Finale   

Dancing in Paris (Isuzu)

Raphaeli Card Trick
Honda Accord “Cog” 
Quick Change Artists
Amazing Physics
One Man Builds Stonehenge

Top Technology Videos:

Worlds Smallest RC Helicopter

Video Camera R/C Airplane

Tesla Roadster
Video R/C Plane: Race Track
Wrightspeed Electric Car
GM Hy-Wire Concept Car
R/C Hydro Plane

Top Animal Videos:

Scuba Diving Cat

Talking Cats
Dog Dancing

More Amazing Videos:
Rube Goldberg Machines
Hamburger Magic
MIT Sketching: Magic Paper
Lithuanian Stunt Pilot
Jeep drives over water
Honda Civic Choir
Mozart on Skates
Jumping Around
Saab Suite

More Fun Videos:
German Coast Guard 

Honda Grrr

Slo-Mo Home Depot
Fun with Hard Drive
The Muppet Matrix
Hooked on a Feeling
Happy Mornings (Folgers)
Happydent White (India)  
Drehzahlmesser (VW)

Dancing Hippo & Dancing Dog

Treadmill Rock
Schumacher at Shell Station

Scout & Paws Home Security
Mama Said I Could
BBC interviews the wrong Guy

More Animal Videos:
Talking Parrot 
Flying Cat 
Potty Trained Cat

More Technology Videos:

Stunning Aerobatics

Space Station & Shuttle Waltz

140mph through Paris
Anti-Gravity Research – Lifter 4
Video R/C Plane: Golf Course

Ducati R/C Motorcycle

More Interesting Videos:
Free Hugs Campaign
Think Different