All stunts in this Isuzu ad were performed by real drivers.

This Isuzu Gemini TV commercial was made in 1985. Computer graphics (CGI) was not as advanced in those days. Instead, real stunt drivers were used.

This awesome stunt driving was choreographed and supervised by Remy Julienne.

My favorite is the jump over the river Seine, where the cars bounce off a barge halfway across...

Rémy Julienne (born 1930) is a pioneering French driving stunt performer, stunt coordinator, assistant director and occasional actor.

He is also a former rallycross champion and 1956 French motorcross champion.

He is a veteran of over 100 films.
Notable large film projects in which he has arranged stunts, consulted or manufactured special stunt cars include The Italian Job, Ronin, and The Bourne Identity, in addition to five James Bond films directed by John Glen.

More info: The slogan: “街の遊撃手”, “Machi No Yuugekishu” means “The Urban Acrobat”. Indeed!

Song:She Moves” by Karaja. Made in Germany circa 2002.