A funny, surreal TV ad from India for Happydent Gum, which makes your teeth so white, they'll "shine"...

If the Happydent White television commercial was true to life, the possibilities surrounding a set of sparkling white teeth are endless. You could start by switching off the lights and switching on a smile instead. If that sounds rather surreal, it's only in keeping with the ad and its core message.

The lavish, 80-second ad begins with a man cycling furiously. His front tire falls into the river and he tries to hitch a ride from a passing car.

All very ordinary so far and then you notice that the car has two human headlamps. The driver doesn't stop and the man rushes on. Entering the palace grounds, he passes lamp-posts with men hanging where the bulbs should be.

Inside the palace, too, are men in place of light bulbs. The man reaches a balcony from where he swings onto a chandelier, to hang alongside other men. Below him is the dining table and the king ready to begin his meal.

Our man pops a piece of gum into his mouth and smiles. All the "bulbs" in the human chandelier light up.

"In India, chewing gum is still looked on as a breath freshener. So the aim was to portray the product as something that gives healthy and white teeth. And this had to be done by making it seem interesting rather than therapeutic," explains Prasoon Joshi, creative director for the ad agency McCann Erickson in India.