BBC News thought they were interviewing Apple's Guy Kewney, but instead were interviewing a Business Studies graduate from the Congo named Guy Goma

Mr Goma found himself being ushered into a studio and fitted with a microphone after raising his hand when a producer called out the name Guy Kewney. 

Only when BBC consumer affairs correspondent Karen Bowerman announced live on air the name and title of the man who should have been there and asked the first question did the Guy Goma realise there had been a mix-up.

Mr Goma gamely attempted to answer questions about the legal battle between the Beatles' Apple Corps and Apple Computer over the use of an apple symbol fired at him by Ms Bowerman.

A BBC spokeswoman said: "Unfortunately we did make a mistake and the wrong person was interviewed briefly on air before we cut to our reporter.

"We apologise to viewers for any confusion."