Grrr-eat Ad from Honda!

The concept for the ad comes from Honda's Chief Engine Designer, Kenichi Nagahiro, being asked to design the company's first diesel motor. He resisted the idea because he hated diesels on the grounds that diesel engines were smelly, noisy and bad for the environment. But his hate for the diesel engine led to the development of a new engine much kinder to the environment. The i-CTDi diesel engine was fitted in the new Accord and introduced to the UK in early 2004.

This thought was taken as the base for designing this campaign

“Grrr” had a great response when it broke. Many people think advertising is shallow. “Grrr” says you can say something interesting and be entertaining about it.

The "Grrr” “Hate/Change” TV advert has been voted the best commercial at Epica (d’Or) 2004, British Television Advertising Awards (BTAA), Advertising Creative Circle Award, International Andy Awards, D&AD Awards, Golden Award of Montreux, The One Show, CLIO Awards, Cannes Lions and Cresta Awards.