This Award Winning Honda Car Commercial named "Cog" is a great example of a Rube Goldberg machine. 

This two-minute chain-reaction, using 85 parts from a Honda Accord, with each car part triggering off the next, demonstrates Honda's technical superiority and precision.

No computer graphics or manipulation was used.

This advertisement for the new Honda Accord was shot in real time with no CGI involved in the sequence. It required 606 takes and cost $6 million to shoot and took 3 months to complete. 

When the film was successfully completed the film crew broke out in cheers and popped open the champagne. This TV promotional spot first aired in 2003, in the UK, to promote the Honda Accord.

Honda and it's ad agency Wieden + Kennedywon The Grand Clio Award and the Gold Clio (Automotive category) for this "Cog" spot.