The only investment guide you'll ever need - by Andrew Tobias
 An excellent introduction to the world of investing. 



A Random Walk Down Wall Street - By Burton Malkiel

Why is it so difficult for most personal investors and 80% of the professional investors and portfolio mangers to beat the market? This book explains why and offers a solution. 



The Intelligent Asset Allocator - By William Bernstein

How to build a diversified portfolio for an improved risk/reward ratio 
without the help of a financial advisor.



The  Only Guide to A Winning Investment Strategy You'll Ever Need - By Larry Swedroe

How you can win the investment game through long-term investments in indexes instead of  active buying and selling


Unconventional Success - A Fundamental Approach to Personal Investment - By David Swensen

Sound advice from Yale's Endowment Fund Manager, who made Billions for Yale. 



The Little Book that Beats the Market - By Joel Greenblatt 

Excellent introduction into the principles of Value Investing

The importance of developing alternative energy resources and how to survive an energy crisis.