Imagine the surprise of pulling into your local gas station to find your car surrounded by a Ferrari pit crew led by Michael Schumacher!

Just after he announced his Formula 1 retirement in September, Michael Schumacher visited a service station in Switzerland.

See what happens to a customer in this hidden-camera video!

Michael Schumacher (born 1969 near Cologne, Germany), is a former Formula One driver, and seven-time world champion. According to the official Formula One web site, he is statistically the greatest driver the sport has ever seen. He is the first German to win the F1 World championship and the world's first billionaire athlete, with an annual salary reported to be around $80 million in 2004.

Schumacher currently holds nearly every record in Formula One, including most drivers' championships, race victories, fastest laps, pole positions, and most races won in a single season. Schumacher was the senior driver of Formula One in 2006, and he was for many years the president of the Grand Prix Drivers Association.

On September 10, 2006, after winning the Italian Grand Prix, Schumacher announced his retirement as a driver. Schumacher will act as assistant to the newly appointed Scuderia Ferrari CEO Jean Todt for the 2007 Formula One Season in particular scouting for new drivers.