"Pitagora suicchi" ("Pythagoras Switch"), airing on NHK Japan since 2002, is a Japanese educational television program where children's "way of thinking" is augmented under the supervision of Masahiko Satou and Mazumi Naitou.

Each episode begins and ends with a Rube Goldberg device announcing the show's title.

The Rube Goldberg machines that appear during the beginning, ending and between each segment are called "Pythagorean Devices" in Japan. The main focus of the program is a puppet show. World phenomena, principles, characteristics, and the like are introduced in an entertaining way.  There were 45 shows, each 15 minutes long.

Episode 25 "Let's Try and Be Friends" won top prize (the Japanese Prime Minister's award) at the 30th "Japan Prize" in the children's programming category.  It also won top award in the age 6 and below non-fiction category at "Pre-Junior 2004" in Munich.