The Wrightspeed X1 electric car races against a Ferrari 360 Modena Spider and a Porsche Carrera GT. The X1 has no clutch, no shifting - the first gear goes to 112mph and it costs half as much as its competitors.

0-60 ~ 3.0 seconds
• Top speed: 112mph 
• Range: >100 miles (city)
• EPA: equivalent:170 mpg

Wrightspeed builds extreme performance electric supercars. With advanced electric drive train technology, their cars raise the performance driving experience to a new level – while still returning 3 times better energy efficiency than the most efficient cars available. Wrightspeed is building the X1, demonstrable today in a street-legal prototype, using lithium-ion batteries and a 3-phase electric motor. 

It has already raced against and beaten some of the world’s fastest production cars, while at the same time being 10 times more energy efficient than the cars it outperformed.

The X1 is a proof-of-concept vehicle that will lead to a production car in the future.

 "The interesting thing about electric cars is you don't have to give up efficiency to get performance," says Ian Wright, a 50-year-old entrepreneur from New Zealand. 

Ian Wright has an extensive engineering background and has spent many years in data communications. He has led numerous engineering teams and was responsible for building switches, routers, and optical transmission systems within such powerhouse companies as Altamar Networks, Cisco, NET, QPSX, and Scitec. An amateur race car constructor and successful competitor, Ian decided to fuse his love of performance cars with his love of high-tech engineering. Ian founded Wrightspeed in January 2005.